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They looked like such strong hands

It was a bitter cold morning.  The sun was shining but the frost on the grass and the smokey exhale belied the true temperature.  I was in the warehouse trying to find items to sell and my hands were freezing. 

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We need a little Christmas!

I’ve been enjoying Christmas season doing ebay this year.  It hasn’t been the rise in sales that has been making it so delightful, but rather Christmas shopping has never been easier.  I hope none of my family is reading this

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Paisley smoking jackets, stuffed frogs, rascals…

There is a buyer for almost everything!!!  Some of my most favorite items we have sold in the past: -stuffed frog band, actual frogs that were stuffed and shellacked and equipped with instruments -numerous little people autographs from the 1930s something Chicago

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Going Green in EBAY

I’ve been packing up a storm and would like to package the most environmentally friendly way.   We use recycled boxes from my mom’s school.  Occasionaly I don’t take the original labels off so I am sure many a customer has

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And so it begins…

This is a blog dedicated to my dad and all that he has done and all that he plans to do.  He just knows so much (usually I think a bit too much, call me narrow-minded but I prefer not

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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